Concept hard boiled weirdo
Path App Developer
Virtue Temperance
Vice Acedia
Traditional Resume why do you have to be like that

- weak like mouse,
- strong like bull

getting the job done quick
getting the job done right
convincing others the job should be done a given way
accepting that advice that the job should be done a given way
asking if we need to job to begin with

Merits and Flaws

  • Ratter - switching context while working on an interesting problem causes distress
  • Heavily tattooed - add
    to all intimidation rolls; subtract
    when attempting to charm squares
  • Canadian - add
    to all apology rolls

- rank newb,
- Wrote The Damn Book

  Objective C
  Product Management
  Project Management
  People Management


  • spent much of her childhood on a farm without running water
  • paradoxically, began programming in grade school
  • attended (and dropped out of) Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1996-1998)


  • Planetfred/Idokorro/Rove Mobile (2000-2002) - constructed ahead-of-it's-time communication software for mobile devices while traveling with a party that couldn't decide on its name
  • IBM (2002-2008) - built shrines in the cult of the IDE Eclipse; loathed and lauded by community in equal measure
  • BlackBerry (2008-2011) - lead team constructing mobile application for the eager launch of team's on-device app store. Subsequently went on to develop significant poritions of the platform Facebook application
  • SmarterApps (2011-2013) - decided a position with a smaller party was in order; crafted games and IT administration software for mobile devices
  • Acoustiguide Mobile (contract) (2014) - acted as a sellsword and crafted mobile applications for Android and iOS on behalf of prestigious institutions such as the Guggenheim and The 9/11 Muesuem of NYC
  • Two Sigma Investments (2015-2017) - passed the trial of the O1 Visa and journeyed to New York City seeking fame and fortune taming the wild application spaces of Knowledge Management and HR Tools. Bestowed with the title Vice President for recognition in these areas
  • SurveyMonkey (2018-??) - returned to my homeland and landed in a cabin in the woods; avoided full ferality and accepted a job with one of the premiere software primates where I continue to help guide and wrangle my fellow monkeys as manager of two acquisitions