Saturday, October 27, 2007

First blush impression of Leopard: it's a bit disappointing.

The upgrade from Panther to Tiger was a clear winner for me. Lots of new value, relatively few complications (at least for me), and the end result was a clear winner. The value of Leopard isn't so clear to me. The changes to the UI are lateral at best and a serious regression at worst - the transparency and homogeneous folder icons aren't going to help anyone. Flyouts from the Dock are kind of nice but nothing revelatory. Spaces is useless to me without the ability to have different windows from the same app in different desktops. TimeMachine may prove useful if I ever get it to work with an AFS share as I understand it should - so far it wont see any of my shares.

In addition to the features of dubious value, there are the incompatibilities. To list them briefly: some fonts in Firefox show with a black background; Quicksilver freezes constantly (though this may be a version issue); my tablet driver was rejected on the Powerbook; the CiscoVPN driver on the Powerbook may be causing the wifi to drop off at random intervals. Unfortunately the Leopard install deleted the Cisco uninstaller.

For a positive, I've noticed that things feel much snappier. Apps seem to load faster, and the boot sequence feels almost instantaneous.

That's it for the first few hours. Hopefully my opinion improves although once I try and use Eclipse for anything serious I fear it'll only get worse.

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