Please Don’t Hurt Me Remy

While applying a patch for the About->Plug-ins dialog the other day (a patch that gets us off of deprecated code.  Yay!) I was struck once again at how homely our certificate tray slide out is. It’s really quite ugly and it got me thinking: It’s an isolated piece of code; It’s a low-risk change; It’s potentially a very fun problem to work on (especially if you dig into the custom SWT controls).

It’s a perfect bug for some young would-be committer to step up to.

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One thought on “Please Don’t Hurt Me Remy

  1. Eugene Kuleshov

    I think signing info is more or less ok, at least it allows to copy information to the clipboard, though it is missing fingerprint info. Also, In my experience, it is harder to work with expandable controls when there is a really large list of things, so master-detail UI is usually work better in that case.

    BTW, it would be nice to fix issues with resizing about and feature dialogs. The info panels on those dialogs should be either fixed size or use sash.

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