Last night we went to see Juno with some friends.  I wasn’t expecting too much despite the hype but I was completely surprised – I LOVED the film.  In fact,  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a film that much.  I’m not sure how to talk about why I enjoyed the film so much without spoiling it but let me just say that a film regarding adoption has the potential to leave me a train wreck emotionally.  As the film progressed I feared the ending would have this result but by the time the credits rolled I was smiling.  Ellen Page was fresh and charming as Juno and I hope this film is only the first of many for her.  Surprisingly enough I also found Jennifer Garner, an actress I don’t have any love for, extremely convincing as a woman desperate for a child.  There were points where I found looking at her eyes on screen incredibly uncomfortable – I could actually feel the desperation coming off of her.

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