Are You Experienced?

There was a lot of noise made about how e4 is a community affair. It’s a lie.

It’s all really about Steve Northover. We are merely satellites held aloft by his sheer awesomeness. So awesome, in fact, that we’ve abandoned our traditional splash screen in favor of a picture of him. It’s hard to condense so much awesome into 134,225 pixels but I tried my best.

ps: for the record, that guitar wasn’t pink and adorned with Hello Kitty before he touched it. It spontaneously became that way after he touched it. After he was finished playing it became so despondent at the loss of his touch that it immediately started crying. It’s still crying now, days later That’s how awesome we’re talking about.
pps: Awesome.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Experienced?

  1. Ed Merks

    Given that miracles are now known to occur at his mere touch, isn’t he on his first step towards sainthood now? Has the required application form been filled out? Someone should do it for him, because he’d be way too modest to do it himself!

  2. Lynn Gayowski

    We may need to start a wiki page documenting Steve’s experiences, if not for sainthood, at least to kick off a Chuck Norris-esque cult for him.

    Steve Northover once sent me an email. My laptop turned to gold upon opening it, my carpal tunnel was cured, and the jelly in my jambuster increased by 5%.

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