Just Out Of Curiosity…

… how many readers here are into face to face gaming?  Role playing, table top war gaming, board gaming, stuff of that nature.  If you are, how satisfied are you with the available tools that allow you to bring this hobby into the online space?

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9 thoughts on “Just Out Of Curiosity…

  1. Eugene Kuleshov

    Face to face games are fun because you can see your opponents. Nothing can replace that little poker humor and it will be completely lost in the online space.

  2. Ed Merks

    I love playing games, but I don’t get much opportunity for them anymore living in the boonies. Online games are okay, but it seems far more impersonal and so kind of loses something.

  3. Denis

    I’m not much of a traditional board game player, but I do like computer games. Like Ed, I can’t stand playing online with people I don’t know, but LAN parties involving friends and drunkedness are awesome.

  4. Brian Fitzpatrick

    I am with a gaming group that gets together once a month or so to play a RPG (D&D at the moment, though we’ve played other systems). I would like to explore online tools further, but time is never on my side in my quest.

  5. Alex

    I am, both RPGs and regular board games. Don’t play as much now (out of college) as I used to.

  6. Rob Smith

    I love face to face gaming, and we have a group of about 20 folks who used to do it a lot. We’ve all moved to different areas of the country, so we can’t really do it anymore. We’ve looked into online tools to do it, but none really stand out as very awesome, and we’d want face time, so web cam integration would be a must.

  7. Aaron Digulla

    A couple of friends and I developed a set of tools for our own RPG “Jungle of Stars” which helped to build, develop and maintain space ships and character sheets (development of stats and skills).

    The main problems still persist: There is no display which can be used as a table with an active surface that can distinguish between a coffee cup, an elbow and a finger. That means you can’t use these tools in play, only between games for maintenance.

    What I’d like to see is:

    – A tool to manage maps (draw, add comments, a player and a GM version) with a couple of plugins for caverns, cities, villages, forests, etc.

    – A campaign module (GM and player infos, log, quests, “where were we last time?”)

    – A character manager for players to be able to create a clean char sheet after the nth coffee stain.

    – For SciFi games: car and space ship designer. Galactic map with stars, planets.

    – A wiki

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