Contact Juggling

Just over a year ago I saw a friend of mine contact juggle for the first time. The sight of it immediately got my mind a-twitching and I HAD to learn how to do it myself. With his help I got myself a few balls (some acrylic, some rubber) and got to work. I’ve never had any formal training (I’m not sure it exists for contact juggling) but he has helped me pretty much every time I’ve seen him since. While I’ve progressed quite a bit, I can’t say I’m actually very GOOD at it – I’m certainly nowhere near as good as he is. All the same, I plug on, hoping to one day be competent.

And then I see videos of this guy which has the double effect of getting me inspired to do SO much better and at the same time making me afraid I can never come close. Not only can he put together some wicked tricks but he’s a very entertaining performer. Most of all I find myself impressed with how regulated he keeps the ball movement. A ball that size moves like a cannonball when it gets rolling. If I were to try some of the stuff he’s doing there I’d put it through a wall or possibly someones head. Guh. So awesome.

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