A Sad Day

It’s been an incredibly sad day in our household. Tracey, our elderly cat of 18+ years, went off to meet her maker today. She’s been losing weight for some time and has struggled with dehydration issues but recently it’s come to a head. Sometime over the weekend she had a stroke and lost the ability to walk properly. She also went blind and her weight loss accelerated to a dramatic degree. After discussing the options the only conclusion we could reach was the most painful for us but the best for her.

She was an incredibly gentle creature. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body and never, ever complained regardless of what indignities you inflicted upon her. She was always willing to curl up and sleep with or on you with her absolute favourite place being deep in your armpit. As receptive to affection as she was she also had the mischievous streak that seems so common with calicos. More than once I woke up in the middle of the night with her licking a hole in my side.  The pain did not end there either – her favourite thing to do in the morning was to jump on the bathroom counter and push the contents onto the floor or into the sink as you watched.  No matter what she did though it was impossible to be mad at her – she was just too damned sweet.

It’s not going to be the same here without you Tracey.  Sleep well little girl.  We’re going to miss you so much.

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One thought on “A Sad Day

  1. Nick Boldt

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. Having just gone though it myself – cancer, anaemia, dehydration, stroke, and ultimately a trip to the ICU and a visit from our vet – I know what it’s like to watch one of your kids slip away.

    I think the worst part for me is that every time I think I’ve gotten past it, I see something that reminds me of my boys and the pain come welling back – even though I know our dogs had a great life and we did everything we could for them in the end.

    “I’ve seen blue skies / Through the tears in my eyes / And I realise / [They’re] going home.”

    All the best,


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