New Additions to the Fam

We’ve recently had some new additions to the family.  First up is Penny.  Penny is another rescue cat we decided to adopt after Tracey left us.  Her family recently had a baby and they were finding they weren’t spending enough time with her.  Unlike the rest of our mutts, Penny appears to be a pure breed Russian Blue.  She certainly looks the part but her personality doesn’t quite match up with the breed description.  There are some commonalities – the skittishness and enjoyment of play primarily – but beyond that she’s pretty divergent.  And by divergent I mean she’s a bitch.  She’s mellowed out a lot since she arrived but not long after she got here she gave me a WICKED bite on the hand that has left a permanent scar.  You can’t really approach her for affection – doing so results in a cry that’s a pretty firm warning that there could be blood in your future – but she will occasionally perch herself on you for a nap.  When napping, you can pat her all you like and she’ll purr quite loudly.  She doesn’t really get along with the boys.  Her and Jack have the most vicious brawls but for the most part they tolerate one another.  Cthulhu on the other hand hates her.  He hisses whenever he’s near her.  He’s not aggressive in any way.  In fact, it’d be fair to say that he’s submissive to her.  All the same, whenever they’re together there’s a good deal of tension.  Oh… when she came to us, she wasn’t known as Penny.  She was Pickles.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I detest those awful things and thankfully we both thought the name was pretty stupid anyway.  We’re both a fan of the human names for animals so we decided on one that was at least kind of close to her original.

Penny, as taken by elektrafying.

The other addition is less furry.  After almost 20 years of protest I’ve finally relented and we’ve purchased our first car!  We were finding that a lot of doors were closed to us, and we would opt out of a lot of activities that we’d prefer to do if the logistics weren’t so complicated.  We looked at several models but in the end we settled with a 2007 Honda Fit.  It’s a good little car with super responsive steering and really touchy brakes.  It’s been a bit of a learning exercise to not give us whiplash every time we have to stop but I think I’m getting there.  We’ve got a few upgrades in mind (better stereo, remote keyless entry, remote starter) but we’ve not moved on them yet.  It’s only been a few days. 😉  Oh!  Her name (as well as the first song played in the car) is Deanna.  This Deanna.

Oh Deanna (Oh Deanna!)

Both photos were taken by elektrafying, the only one of us who can be arsed to document events such as this. 🙂

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  1. Simon Sage

    Oh man, that cat looks exactly like the one I had growing up. Didn’t know the breed name though, so thanks for that! The behaviour is definitely similar. In her younger days our cat was pretty fiesty (leaning more towards the killing than the playing), but she mellowed out over time.

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