I Knew This Would Come…

…but I thought it wouldn’t be any time soon.  My big boy, Cthulhu, left us last night.  I noticed he was having problems breathing and when we brought him to the vet the prognosis was bad – his chest was full of fluid and his heart was failing.  There were some medication options but they could give him a few weeks at best.  We decided it was time and shortly thereafter he went to sleep on my lap for the last time.  I thought I’d have more time to say my goodbyes and prepare myself but no amount of time ever feels like enough.

We’ve lost 4 cats and a hedgehog in the past few years.  They’ve all been difficult but Cthulhu is much worse for me.  He and I have been together for almost 15 years.  It was by chance that I stopped into the pet shop on Herring Cove Road but when I saw him there, the last of his litter, I knew he had to come home with me.  I joke that the shop owners had drugged him to make him more appealing – when I first picked him up he crawled as close as he could get to my face and started purring.  His disposition changed somewhat when we got him home and the drugs wore off – he was a bit of a terror.  He loved to attack ankles and bite my earlobes in my sleep.  Thankfully he grew out of this phase into the lazy, gentle old man that I’ll best remember him as.

He’s been there throughout all the changes in my life and was that one constant I could always depend on.  He’d always sleep next to my head when given the chance and most mornings I’d wake up with him in spot where he was the night previous.  Last night was the first time in ages that I was able to toss and turn without him kicking or pushing me and I have to say I really don’t like the freedom.  I miss that little jerk so much.

Safe travels mister.  It wont be the same around here with you gone.  Who’s going to keep Penny in line now?

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