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A Sad Day

It’s been an incredibly sad day in our household. Tracey, our elderly cat of 18+ years, went off to meet her maker today. She’s been losing weight for some time and has struggled with dehydration issues but recently it’s come to a head. Sometime over the weekend she had a stroke and lost the ability […]

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Unbalanced Cat Household

So, the acceptance of Tracey by Jack and Cthulhu isn’t going as smoothly as I had hoped.  I was excited initially because they interacted with minimal bile through a baby gate but since the gate has come down the situation has deteriorated.  At first Tracey would come upstairs and explore.  The boys would give her […]

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Tracey One Week On

Let me introduce to you… Tracey!  She’s easily the gentlest, most easy going cat I’ve ever met.  You can do anything to her and at worst all she’ll do is purr.  We still have her sequestered in our back room when we’re not around but we’ve started letting her out when we’re around.  The boys […]

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Yay Kitties!

Well Tracey, the furry addition to our family arrived this evening.  The handover went smoother than either of us could have dreamed of.  She’s been affectionate with us, she’s eaten, she’s used her box, and she’s even greeted our boys with the barest hint of hissing.  She spent an hour snuggled up between us and […]

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The universe, oh it conspires.  We have a new addition arriving at our family doorstep today – Tracey.  Tracey is an elderly calico kitty without a tail.  I’m not sure how her and the boys will get along, but hopefully it wont be too much stress on any of us.  From what I understand she’s […]

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Goodbye Princess

It’s been another rough week in our household. Our baby girl, Abby, took another bad turn. We’ve been down this path so many times now and there is no mistaking the inevitable destination. After a lot of soul searching and tears we decided to end her pain (and ours) before things got any worse. She […]

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Crabby Abby

Tonight I was treated to an AWESOME belated birthday gift by the incredibly talented Erika Doyon at Living Colour – a portrait tattoo of my Pretty Princess, Crabby Abby! It turned out absolutely AMAZING. Erika took this photo just before she wrapped me up. It’s going to be sore tomorrow, but boy is it worth […]

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We brought Abby to the vet today fearing that she may not make the trip home. She had an infection a few weeks back and since then she’s deteriorated. She’s stumbling more than she used to, she’s not as gregarious, and most telling of all: she’s started peeing well outside of her box. The vet […]

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I Am Furniture

With the help of some family I was able to clear the snow off of the house. This involved soaking my arms up to the elbows in ice cold water in the gutters, but it was done. After coming in and getting my snow clothes off Jack decided to use me as furniture. He’s very […]

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A Good Idea

The boys have the right idea today…

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